People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results. — Albert Einstein

KC's Story

My woodworking experience dates back to a freestanding 'gravity' bookshelf I built as a 4-H project when I was 12. It still holds the majority of my books in my living room.

After 15 years as a Software Engineer I began to find myself increasingly frustrated with the intangibility of my work. There was nothing physical to hold on to, feel, or experience. I was doing some projects around the house and that gave me a nice feeling of accomplishment, plus a bit of tool-envy.

When one of the projects required some precise lumber cuts, I decided to get a table saw. I always wanted a table saw. This was the gateway tool. One of my friends suggested making a gift for my nephew for Christmas. The gifts I wanted to make required more tools: bandsaw, router, and drill press!

Within a few months I had a full garage workshop and several Christmas gifts for family and friends under the tree. Of course I was also day-dreaming about other projects I wanted to work on, but I didn't have enough room or power in the garage. I tripped breakers left and right and started to annoy the neighbors with noise and sawdust.

So I moved out of my garage and into a shared shop space run by Michelle. She's a great furniture designer and talented woodworker with 10+ years of experience and training.

I'm primarily self-taught and still relatively green at this. Most of the projects on my list are currently for myself, friends, and family. However, if you see something you like or want to talk about your project, please contact me.